What Are Some Problems With Delta Touch Faucets?

Some problems with Delta Touch faucets as reported by Amazon.com buyers include the faucet turning on and off by itself, water pressure becoming inconsistent, batteries needing frequent replacement, defective solenoid and the faucet not responding to touch. Verified buyers on Amazon.com report that their faucets refuse to turn off sometimes, and this could potentially lead to water wastage. Sometimes, the faucet has to be touched twice to turn on or off, especially if the hands are wet.

Older models of the Delta Touch faucets had spouts and valves that were both touch sensitive. This caused frustration among customers when they needed to adjust the water flow or temperature and the touch feature turned the water off repeatedly.

A review by a Delta Touch faucet user reports that his water pressure became inconsistent once he installed the faucet. Sometimes, the water comes in full flow, and other times, it merely trickles. It is easy to damage the solenoid connection when you pull the sprayer out too far for setups that have the pullout sprayer hose directly connected to the solenoid unit. Touching the wiring setup under the sink makes the faucet turn on and off, too. The setup and wiring under the sink are problematic and possibly badly engineered.