What Is the Problem If I Can’t Sign in to PlayStation Network but I Am Already Connected?

According to PlayStation, users who are connected to the PlayStation network but can’t sign in may be required to update their login information. IGN states that errors and other issues may occur when using the PlayStation 4 if the network is too busy or Internet access is denied through the local area network.

The PlayStation network requires a valid user name and password. Passwords can be reset by entering the user name and birthdate associated with the account or by contacting PlayStation representatives. PlayStation recommends entering the login information manually and verifying that the information entered is correct before trying other methods to connect to the PlayStation network.

If the PlayStation network is too busy, trying to log in may result with an error code. PlayStation states that waiting for a short time before retrying to log in resolves issues associated with updates, technical issues or busy servers on the PlayStation network.

On local area networks, it may be necessary to set up access to the LAN manually. IGN states that users should enter their network name and password, or the names used to log into the LAN, under the custom settings in the Internet connections menu of the PlayStation. The PlayStation needs to be set up to the network addresses provided by the LAN. Users can find this information by contacting the administrator of the LAN or the IT department, if applicable. PlayStation recommends the use of a router when connecting to the PlayStation network through an LAN that requires a separate log in.