How Do You Get a Printout of Your Flight Itinerary on Expedia?

Sami Ridwan/Picture Press/Getty Images

Print the itinerary that comes when Expedia sends you an email confirming your reservation. If you no longer have the email, visit the My Trips link from the Expedia home page, and follow the links to the reservation that you want to print.

If you have set up an account with Expedia, use your email address and password to sign in, and click on My Trips to view the itineraries of your booked trips. If you don’t have an Expedia account or prefer not to sign in, you can enter the itinerary number with your email address on the My Trips page to view the itinerary. If you’ve forgotten your itinerary number, click the blue link, and enter your email address to receive an additional copy.

After you have booked a trip with Expedia, you receive a confirmation email. Keep this email in an accessible location, either by printing it out and placing it in a file or putting it in a folder in your email so that it doesn’t get lost in the inbox. This itinerary has your record locator, a six-character code necessary for making any changes with the airline for your trip, as well as for checking in on the airline’s website the day before the trip.