How Do You Print a Copy of Your SSDI Award Letter?

Copies of SSDI award letters can be requested online through a My Social Security account. They can be mailed to a home address or printed at home. For those without Internet access, SSDI letters can be obtained at the local Social Security office. There is no cost associated with printing an SSDI award letter.

To create a My Social Security online account, personal information is required. The questions asked are designed to verify identity and are similar to those asked when opening online bank accounts or requesting credit reports. Once your information is verified, create a username and password. With an established account, SSDI award letters, as well as benefit payment reports and Social Security earnings, are easily obtained without leaving home.

SSDI award letters are also called benefits letters, budget letters, proof of award letters, or proof of income letters. They are often requested as proof of age, disability or retirement. Award letters are sometimes needed as proof of income for loans or low-cost housing programs. State and local benefits also request SSDI award letters to verify income before services are provided.

SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance. SSDI benefits are reserved for workers with medical issues that prevent them from working or who are expected to die within a year. Individual benefits are related to the amount of Social Security taxes paid over the worker’s lifetime.