How Do You Prime a Shallow Well Pump?

To prime a shallow well pump, turn off the power and the pump control valve. Remove the priming plug, fill the reservoir with water and replace the plug loosely. Run the pump, and repeat the process until the water flows smoothly. Replace the plug, and turn the control valve back on.

  1. Turn off the pump power

    Locate the pump’s base unit. Turn off the power switch to prevent the pump from turning on automatically while you work.

  2. Remove excess pressure from the water line

    Turn on a faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. Allow it to run for up to a minute to relieve the pressure in the water line. Wait until water stops coming out, and then turn the faucet off.

  3. Remove the priming plug

    Locate the priming plug on your pump. Use a wrench to remove the plug, and set it aside. Close the pump control valve.

  4. Fill the pump with priming water

    Insert a funnel into the hole left by the priming plug. Fill the reservoir with water until it starts to overflow out of the priming hole. Remove the funnel, and replace the priming plug loosely.

  5. Prime the pump

    Turn the power back on. If the pump does not start working immediately, start it manually. Watch the area around the priming pump. When air bubbles stop forming, cut the power.

  6. Perform additional priming as needed

    Repeat steps four and five. Watch the area around the priming plug; when water starts flowing smoothly, your pump is primed.

  7. Finish the process

    Tighten the priming plug, ensuring a strong seal. Turn on the pump control valve and use your water system as usual.