What Are the Prices on the Popeyes Chicken Menu?

Prices on the Popeyes Chicken menu range from $4.39 for a kids’ meal to $37.39 for a 16-piece family meal, as of 2015. The Popeyes Chicken menu includes fried chicken, chicken tenders, side dishes, desserts and drinks. Menu pricing is mostly based on meals that include at least a side dish and a biscuit.

The Popeyes Chicken menu includes a range of chicken dinners that include a side and a biscuit, while combos include a small drink. The dinner prices range from $5.29 for two pieces to $7.69 for four pieces. The combo prices range from $6.79 to $9.19 for the same meals. Popeyes also offers an 11-piece dinner with five biscuits and two large sides for $22.99.

The restaurant offers similar pricing on tender dinners and combos. The three-piece tender dinner is $5.79, while the combo is $7.29. The five-piece dinner is $7.79, while the combo is $9.29. Popeyes also has a chicken po’ boy dinner for $4.99 and combo for $6.49.

Popeyes Chicken also features a selection of seafood dinners and combos that range in price from $4.99 to $7.99. A platter with two sides and a medium drink is also available for $7.99 for butterfly shrimp and $8.99 for Cajun fish.

Family meals with no sides cost between $12.99 for eight pieces and $22.99 for 16 pieces. An eight-piece meal with one large side and four biscuits is $17.99, while a 12-piece meal with two large sides and six biscuits is $27.49. The $37.39 meal includes 16 pieces, three large sides and eight biscuits.