What Is the Price Per Pound for Pecans?

Kirk Mastin/Aurora/Getty Images

Pecans cost $4 to $9 per pound. Pecans in the shell are cheaper than halved pecans that are salted, raw or unsalted.

The cost of pecans fluctuates depending on the farming conditions in any given year. The price can vary depending on the time of year, and is often dictated by supply and demand. For example, during the Thanksgiving holiday, pecans are in higher demand than other times of the year. The cost of pecans also depends on condition in which the pecans are purchased. For the general consumer, the cost per pound is going to be significantly more expensive than the cost per pound when purchasing directly from a pecan farm. Also, as a consumer, it may be more cost-effective to purchase pecans in the shell and then prepare them instead of purchasing them already halved and salted. Purchasing them in the shell allows the consumer to control the amount of salt on the pecans. Some recipes call for pecans without salt. Pecans are healthy nuts that provide a lot of flavor. The cost of pecans per pound should not deter a consumer from purchasing and enjoying pecans.