How Do You Find Previous School Teachers?

To find previous school teachers, go to a site such as and search for the teacher’s name or contact the school to see if the teacher is still there. Some schools have employees on staff to keep updated records on school alumni and former teachers. Other options include searching a social media website such as Facebook for the teacher or a former classmate who may be able to help.

To find a previous teacher on, use the steps below.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Go to and click on Find Your Teacher.

  3. Choose a location
  4. Choose the location of the previous school from the drop-down menu, and then choose the school from the second drop-down menu.

  5. Choose the teacher
  6. Choose the teacher’s name to view more information.

  7. Repeat steps if necessary
  8. Not all teachers have pages on If the desired teacher is not listed, repeat the steps on another site such as

Alumni can also try to find their former teachers by searching their previous school’s website. If the teachers are still at the school, their contact information may be listed. If not, alumni can contact the school’s administrator to see if the school has updated contact information about specific teachers.