Why Are Preventative Habits Important in Maintaining Good Health?

Preventative habits are important in maintaining good health because they help people avoid illness or injury and lead to an improved quality of life, according to MedlinePlus. Habits such as exercise, eating a balanced diet and proper dental care can help maintain good health.

Healthy preventative habits are a defense against many chronic illnesses and can result in a prolonged lifespan, according to the World Research Foundation. Preventative measures, such as regular physical examinations, allow health care providers to detect illnesses in their early stages. Early detection leads to prompt treatment, which can prevent an illness from becoming serious or life-threatening.

Routine exercise offers several health benefits, including strengthening the bones, heart and lungs, according to MedlinePlus. Exercise can also improve vitality, relieve depression and improve quality of sleep. Regular dental care is important in preventing tooth decay and gum disease. It can also prevent serious illnesses such as endocarditis, heart disease and stroke, according to Mayo Clinic.

Preventative habits also impact the economic environment of health care, according to the World Research Foundation. Preventing serious illness can help individuals avoid financial loss or bankruptcy, and it can also contribute to an affordable health care system. As more people practice preventative health habits, insurance premiums are likely to reduce over time.