What Pressures Do Students Face in College?

Purestock/Getty Images

College students face pressures adjusting to a rigorous academic routine, coping with financial strains to pay tuition and academic fees, juggling academic requirements with job and social responsibilities and maintaining health due to lack of sleep and stress. Many college students experience mental health issues due to the pressures of college that can lead to anxiety, depression and exhaustion.

Academic pressures include learning how to manage time to study and meet deadlines, prepare for tests and written assignments, and navigate communication between peers and instructors. Many college students also cope with pressures from financial strain. The rising costs of college and the risk of losing a scholarship due to academic performance prompts many students to take on additional jobs to pay room, board and tuition expenses and daily expenses, such as fuel and utility costs. Social pressures also plague college students as they are learning how to network, make new friends, form relationships and engage in social activities on and off campus. Some students struggle with loneliness, bullying, ostracizing and homesickness while at college, especially within the first few semesters. These social pressures can lead to mental health issues that may require the support of family and friends and a medical professional.