How Do You Present a Scholarship Award Speech?

A scholarship award speech should detail the reason for the scholarship’s existence, describe the background of the recipient and explain why the honoree was chosen over other candidates. If the speaker knows the recipient, it is also appropriate to include personal anecdotes to humanize the speech.

Starting with the history of the scholarship award and the reason it was created builds suspense for the audience. It also gives the speaker a chance to honor the organization that provides the scholarship and to address the significance of the award. Speakers sometimes include statistics, such as the number of people who applied for the award, as well as a brief mention of previous honorees.

The next portion of the speech should announce the name of the recipient and provide biographical information about him or her. This could include his or her educational history, public service, family life and goals for the future. If the speaker knows where the recipient plans to attend school, he or she can announce it.

Scholarship award speeches often include highlights of the recipient’s life. For example, with an athletic scholarship, the speaker might mention particularly impressive records or statistics to emphasize the recipient’s talents and skills. It is then appropriate to invite the honoree on stage, shake his or her hand and present the plaque or other physical manifestation of the award.