What Is the Premise of “Shottas 2”?

“Shottas 2” returns to the gritty and violent underworld of the Jamaican drug scene. The movie picks up where the original left off and follows Biggs as he flees from Miami to find safety in the Dominican Republic.

“Shottas 2” intends to provide damage control for the negative reputation Jamaica earned after the first movie showed a wealth of violence. Positive images are featured in flashbacks to dismiss the negative stereotypes formed after the first movie.

The original film, “Shottas,” follows characters Biggs and Wayne, childhood friends who grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. While still minors, they shoot a truck driver to rob his soda truck and use the money to buy visas. They enter the United States and begin selling drugs in Miami. Within 20 years, Biggs and Wayne are both deported back to their home country, where they begin to make money by extorting business people.

When the two return to Miami, they find that a new man, Teddy, has risen to power in the drug game. In an attempt to extort him, they find themselves in a shootout in which Wayne is shot and killed. Biggs later returns to Teddy’s residence to murder Teddy, his bodyguard and his girlfriend to avenge Wayne’s death. He takes money and valuables and is last seen boarding a boat.