Is a Predator Generator Any Good?

Predator generators receive generally positive reviews and are a Consumer Reports best buy. Reviews state that their performance is equal to or greater than that of more expensive models.

Positive reviews of Predator generators cite their cost-to-value ratio, user friendliness and the wide availability of compatible batteries and oil. A common negative for the Predator is difficulty in moving them; Predator generators are heavy and do not have wheels for easy movement as some competing brands do.

Predator generators are gas-powered and use 87-octane gasoline for fuel. They also require a 12-volt battery to start; this battery is sold separately. Specialty battery retailers, such as Batteries Plus, carry batteries guaranteed to work in Predator generators. The motor requires engine oil to run; this is the same oil used in vehicle engines and is available at auto parts stores and big box retailers.

Gas generators like Predator models have some legal restrictions on their sale. They can only be sent to the 48 contiguous states via ground shipping and cannot be shipped from the contiguous states to Alaska or Hawaii. Standard models are not available for sale in California due to California’s environmental laws; Predator produces special models for sale in California that comply with these laws.