What Is a Prayer of Blessing and Adoration?

A prayer of blessing and adoration is one that offers adoration and thanks to God for his role in a person’s life. A blessing refers to having God’s favor and protection. Therefore, a blessing prayer could thank God for things, or it could ask God to grant other requests.

In an adoration prayer, the person praying uses adoring language or loving names for God. For instance, if the person is praying to Jesus, he or she may call him the Divine Redeemer, the Adorable Sacrament, the Light of the World or any other complimentary name. The person praying may thank or adore him for his mercy, his heavenly favors or even for the great doughnut they had for breakfast.

Like an adoration prayer, a blessing prayer includes offering thanks for blessings received, but it can also include making requests. The person praying could ask for God’s help in a certain matter or for something more tangible such as food. When both the adoration and blessing elements are combined, the prayer is called a blessing and adoration prayer.

While most Christians pray exclusively to God in the form of Jesus, the Father or the Holy Spirit, Catholics can pray to God or the saints. There are many Catholic prayers of adoration and blessing that are directed to Mary, the mother of Jesus.