Is It Possible to Dye a Leather Jacket?

A leather jacket can be dyed, but the process is different than dyeing other materials. To dye a leather jacket, the user must first prepare the leather.

Preparing the jacket consists of using a deglazer designed for leather materials. This product removes the finish to ensure that the dye sets in the fabric. To use the deglazer, users should apply it liberally to a soft cloth or pad and rub it all over the jacket using only circular motions whenever possible. After removing the entire finish, the jacket should be allowed to dry completely before going forward.

After the jacket dries from the deglazing treatment, users can apply leather dye in the color of the choice to the jacket using a wool pad or dauber. To apply the dye, rub the entire surface of the jacket lightly and repeat with additional coats until the desired color is achieved. After covering the coat completely, users should use a soft cloth to wipe down the jacket. This helps to remove excess dye and prevents it from transferring to other surfaces. After the dye dries, a leather glaze or finishing product can be applied to the jacket. This can be followed by a leather conditioning.