Why Was Poseidon Important to the Greeks?

Christopher Hope-Fitch/Moment/Getty Images

In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea and protector of all water. The Greeks relied upon water for survival because it was crucial for food, shipping and trade, among other things. The thought was that if Poseidon was happy he would not wreak vengeance upon the Greeks. He was often worshipped by seamen who requested his protection while traveling on the water.

Poseidon was believed to have a greedy, difficult personality. He was the brother of Zeus and helped Zeus and Hades to overthrow their father Cronus, the titan. After Cronus was imprisoned, Poseidon was awarded the sea for his help in the coup. His powers were only eclipsed by his brother Zeus’s powers. His weapon was a trident that had the power to cause earthquakes and break anything. Rather than remaining on Mount Olympus, Poseidon lived in the water. He was credited with creating the first horse at the request of Demeter. Poseidon fell in love with Demeter, and to distract him, Demeter asked Poseidon to create the most beautiful animal in the world for her. It took many different attempts for Poseidon to create the horse, during which he created several other animals. By the time he created the horse, he no longer desired Demeter. He eventually was married to Amphitrite.