Why Does Population Increase?

Causes of population increase include quality health care, increased food production, immigration, fight against poverty and lack of family planning. High population increase has negative impacts to the country, including conflicts, environmental degradation, high cost of living and reduction in natural resources. One benefit associated with an increase in population is the growth of human workforce.

Improved health care has reduced mortality rates by diagnosing health problems in a timely manner. Use of vaccines has helped to prevent illnesses that used to kill many people in the past. As a result, this has helped save the lives of many people.

Introduction of better farming techniques has boosted the production of food. Also, efforts toward food security have been successful in many countries. Areas where people die as a result of drought and famine get enough food supply thus saving lives.

Increase in the fight against poverty has also contributed to population increase. In the past, only a few families had enough money to support themselves while many families faced many problems, including health issues as a result of poverty. Today, the fight against poverty has helped in a number of ways.

Immigration has also contributed in population growth in developed countries and urban centers. Many people immigrate to other countries in search for better living standards. This has led to an increase of population in many developed countries.

Poor family planning in many families is one of the major contributors to population growth. Many families tend to have many children more than they can support.