What Are the Most Popular Vinyl Siding Colors?

The most popular colors for vinyl siding are white, cream, yellow, brown and gray. Vinyl siding color combinations such as gray and blue, and white and cream also are equally popular. Dark colors make the house look small, whereas light colors make it look big.

Various hues of white such as off white and creams are most popular for siding as they don’t clash with the color schemes on most houses. Deeper shades such as beige and taupe are also versatile and make the home appear larger. Lighter shades of yellow lend a look of increased space, and coordinate well with other colors schemes such as bright white window trim and garage doors.

Brown in varying hues, offers neutrality and works well with any trim color. Use dark shades of brown on large homes with light colored window trims for a cohesive look. Gray is a great color for vinyl siding as it creates a crisp, clean look for the home. Any shade of gray vinyl siding, ranging from a light silver hue to a dark slate tone creates a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.

Incorporate blue to gray siding to enhance the style of the house. Blue vinyl siding on its own is ideal to create a calming and soothing look. Dark shades of blue such as navy and midnight combined with deep gray color, accents a modern home decor.