Popular Secret Menu Items Around the World

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If we’re being honest, everyone has their favorite fast food restaurants — healthy or not. Now, what if we told you that if you’re not ordering off the secret menu, you aren’t even getting the best your favorite dining spots have to offer? Mind blowing, right?

For example, did you know you can get up to eight patties on your Big Mac, or that one particular Starbucks item tastes like Butterbeer from Harry Potter? Of course, you have to know exactly what to ask for to get these delicious results. Let’s take a look at some of the best off-menu options to try at your favorite fast food joints.

Starbucks: Caramel Cookie Bar Frappuccino

Let’s start off with an easy but delicious one. If you’re tired of the same old Starbucks menu, the secret menu is sure to become your new BFF. The name itself sounds delicious, but apparently this beauty tastes absolutely amazing.

Photo Courtesy: Jerry Lai/Flickr

Here’s what to ask for: caramel frappuccino, hazelnut syrup, java chips, whip cream, caramel sauce and mocha drizzle. This drink is based on the caramel cookie chocolate bar, which means you can expect to be completely blown away by the flavor. After all, you can never have too much chocolate, especially paired with caramel.

Burger King: Frings

Fries are simply irreplaceable, but what is actually better than fries? Fries combined with onion rings in a single order! Meet Burger King’s secret menu item known as Frings. This order allows you to combine the best of both worlds — half fries, half onion rings — in a side dish that is ready to be devoured.

Photo Courtesy: chlsgraphy/Flickr

It’s a perfect option for those who love them both and can’t decide which one to order. There’s nothing wrong with ordering both individually, but why pay double when you can get Frings instead? Stay tuned to learn how to pair your Frings with some of the most delicious secret burgers!

Shake Shack: Ice Cream Sandwich

Shake Shack may have the best cheese sauce in town, but did you know you can also get an ice cream sandwich there? Well, you actually have to combine two ingredients to create it, but reports claim the results are absolutely delicious.

Photo Courtesy: Dov Harrington/Flickr

To make the Shake Shack Ice Cream Sandwich, ask for frozen custard and grilled burger buns. Put the two together and voila! Your creative ice cream sandwich is done! It sounds like an absolutely perfect summer treat that you will either really love — or really hate.

Jamba Juice: Pink Starburst Smoothie

Reportedly, Jamba Juice has a whole range of secret menu items that are just perfect for satisfying any sweet tooth. Pink Starbursts deserve to be called the best Starburst in the mix, but have you ever tried them in a smoothie? We promise you may never want to order any other smoothie again after you try this one.

Photo Courtesy: Elizabeth M/Flickr

This Jamba Juice creation contains strawberries, raspberry sherbet and lemonade. It’s a perfectly sweet, refreshing, ideal treat on a hot summer day. Get ready to head to Jamba Juice as soon as the weather turns warm.

McDonald’s: Hash Brown McMuffin

McDonald’s hash brown is the ultimate breakfast staple. If you like breakfast potatoes and you haven’t tried it, you need to remedy that situation right away. But do you know what’s better than the standard hash browns? Hash browns tucked inside Egg McMuffins.

Photo Courtesy: Alpha/Flickr

It’s the ultimate best of both worlds and is one of those food items you just have to try to see how amazing it tastes. If you’re a fan of the standard McDonald’s breakfast, spice it up next time with this secret menu item. Don’t worry — this isn’t the last McDonald’s menu hack on the list.

Chipotle: Quesarito

To rival Taco Bell’s secret menu, Chipotle had to come up with something similar. They certainly understand just how much people appreciate cheese. Healthy competition is always a good idea, so that means we can now enjoy two cheese-themed secret menu items.

Photo Courtesy: Aranami/Flickr

Essentially, a Quesarito is your standard Chipotle burrito — but with tons of cheese. Think of it as a burrito mixed with a quesadilla. Between the Quesarito and Taco Bell’s Cheesarito, you won’t run out of cheesy good fast food options. The best part is this isn’t Chipotle’s only secret menu item!

Shake Shack: Peanut Butter & Bacon Shackburger

Shake Shack is a pro when it comes to giving a spin to new items on its secret menu. This burger was apparently so popular, it was brought back on the regular menu for one weekend. Unfortunately, most people don’t know they can get it whenever they want it if they just ask for it.

Photo Courtesy: Joey/Flickr

Just like the name suggests, the Peanut Butter & Bacon Shackburger is a regular Shackburger with a drizzle of peanut butter sauce. On top of that, you also get bacon, and the salty and sweet sounds like the most glorious combination ever.

Starbucks: Thin Mint Frappuccino

Starbucks has a long — and we do mean long — list of secret items you can request that are made by simply combining different ingredients they already have. According to reports, you can make more than 200 customized drinks, and Starbucks Thin Mint Frappuccino is one of the best of them.

Photo Courtesy: punttim/Pixabay

As the name suggests, the frap comes with thin mints. If you were a Girl Scout or frequently ate their cookies, this will be an absolutely delicious blast from the past. Just be careful because they are really addictive, just like the real cookies, and could soon become your staple Starbucks order.

McDonald’s: Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin with Fried Egg

When it comes to McDonald’s, people tend to stick to their faves. Whether you’re a Big Mac fan or you tend to order the 20 Nuggets Sharebox and eat it by yourself, it’s easy to order the same thing every time you crave McD’s.

Photo Courtesy: Emily Mathews/Flickr

When it’s time to try something new, make the new thing you try the Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin with Fried Egg from the McDonald’s secret menu. It’s the ultimate brunch item and tastes as delicious as it sounds. After all, what is a brunch without a fried egg?

Five Guys: Patty Melt

Let’s be honest, you can easily spend hours trying to make different Five Guys’ shake combos, but don’t forget about their secret menu! The Patty Melt is a popular item for hardcore Five Guys fans who are tired of the same old burgers.

Photo Courtesy: Fotorech/Pixabay

The Patty Melt is basically a sandwich but with hamburger patties as the base. You also get melted cheese and grilled onions. Reportedly, Five Guys also allows you to get as many toppings as you want, which sounds like complete heaven. You can definitely get your daily dose of protein with this beast.

Arby’s: Meat Mountain

Meat lovers rejoice! Arby’s has taken it to a new level with this slightly extreme secret menu item. The Meat Mountain is a true monster that is just as crazy as it sounds. It’s a sandwich that (figuratively) consists of mountains of meat.

Photo Courtesy: Rajesh TP/Pexels

The meat possibilities include brisket, corned beef, Angus steak, roast turkey, bacon and ham. You also get a bunch of cheese, just to make sure all your cravings are thoroughly satisfied. Just imagine meat on meat, stacked up in a beautiful and completely irresistible sandwich. This one is definitely a bucket list food item!

McDonald’s Hawaii: Saimin

If you ever find yourself in Hawaii but you think you’re too cool to go to McDonald’s, think again. The popular fast food chain has secret menu items in the state that you can’t find anywhere else, which is pretty awesome.

Photo Courtesy: Andy L/Wikimedia Commons

Saimin is a noodle soup made with egg noodles and served in a broth with fish cake, barbecued pork and seaweed. To make your Hawaii stay even sweeter, McDonald’s made sure you can find plenty of other items you can only get in the islands. BRB! We’re booking that Hawaii plane ticket.

Starbucks: Pokémon GO Frappuccino Blended Créme

Let’s be honest, Starbucks is an absolute monster when it comes to secret menu items. In fact, we could easily make a top 30 list of just our Starbucks faves, because there are tons of choices. The Pokémon GO Frappuccino was added after the app of the same name took over the world back in 2016.

Photo courtesy: AisforAmy91/Flickr

The frap consists of freeze-dried whole blackberries and the ingredients of the standard Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, with a couple of pumps of raspberry syrup. Sounds sweet, but the blackberries add the perfect balance to make sure it’s not too sickly sweet.

Wendy’s: Meat Cube

Wendy’s has made quite a name for itself among young people, thanks to its no-chill attitude on Twitter. Although their secret menu isn’t as extensive as it is for other fast food restaurants, you can still get one special item that will absolutely blow your mind.

Photo Courtesy: Tabercil/Wikimedia Commons

Often called the Grand Slam Burger, the Meat Cube comes with a one-pound meat patty instead of the standard quarter-pound. According to reports, you can add as many burger patties as you want, which means the Meat Cube can easily turn into a Meat Tower if you’re really down for a Wendy’s food challenge.

Chipotle: Build Your Own Nachos

Chipotle doesn’t really have an extensive secret menu, but they do have nachos on it, and that’s good enough for us. This option allows you to build your very own plate of nachos with whatever ingredients you choose to put on them.

Photo Courtesy: Raizza Videña/Pexels

Of course, because this item comes with unlimited options for toppings, it might get a little bit on the pricey side, considering the toppings are paid for individually. Still, if you’re in the mood to try out a brand new item at Chipotle, the nachos are the best thing to order.

Dairy Queen: Coffee Blizzard

If you can’t get to a Starbucks, maybe you can get to a Dairy Queen. That’s right, Dairy Queen comes with a secret menu that is often overlooked but really shouldn’t be ignored. Sure, their regular items are amazing, but could you resist the Coffee Blizzard?

Photo Courtesy: m01229/Wikimedia Commons

Just like the name suggests, this drink contains coffee along with ice cream, making it an absolutely perfect summer drink. Unfortunately, you can’t also order a simple coffee ice cream because the coffee that comes in the Coffee Blizzard is actually just coffee-flavored syrup.

Starbucks: Butterbeer Frappuccino

Harry Potter fans rejoice! You can now try the popular Butterbeer at Starbucks. If you read the books, you know that Butterbeer sounds like a rich, delicious, butterscotch-like concoction that simply must be tried. According to Harry, it just melts all your worries away.

Photo Courtesy: Javcon117/Flickr

Although this Starbucks secret item isn’t a miracle worker that will cure your anxiety or anything like that, it will definitely make your taste buds tingle. The base is Crème Frappuccino combined with three pumps of toffee nut syrup and three pumps of caramel. It even sounds completely irresistible.

Burger King: Veggie Whopper

This one’s for the veggie heads who struggle to find suitable alternatives in Burger King and similar fast food chains. You can actually get a Veggie Whopper off the restaurant’s secret menu. It’s not officially listed, but Burger King will provide you with a veggie patty instead of the regular beef.

Photo Courtesy: LordLuc/Pixabay

Burger King came under fire for claiming their plant-based burgers are, in fact, vegan-friendly, but the company later revealed that not every ingredient fits the vegan requirements. It’s unclear whether the Veggie Whopper comes with similar issues.

McDonald’s: McGangBang

This one is by far one of the most suggestive food names you can find on a fast food chain’s menu, which is probably why you can only find it on McDonald’s secret menu. A true monster, this sandwich isn’t for those who can’t handle their meat.

Photo Courtesy: Peter Beardsley/Flickr

The McDonald’s McGangBang combines a McChicken sandwich with a double cheeseburger to create an ultimate meal you won’t be able to resist. Pair it up with fries and a McFlurry, and you will basically find yourself in fast food heaven. Your daily protein intake will never be an issue again.

In-N-Out: Animal Style Fries

Animal Style Fries are definitely a popular In-N-Out item, but they are only available on the restaurant’s secret menu. After all, what’s better than the standard In-N-Out fries? Those same fries topped with cheese and so much more!

Photo Courtesy: Qfl247/Wikimedia Commons

This irresistible item comes with cheese, onions and the special In-N-Out sauce. It’s a side dish that eats more like a meal, and you will crave it again and again after you’ve had your first bite. Despite its name, this dish is veggie-friendly! You can also get the Animal Style Burger, which pretty much comes with the same ingredients, along with pickles and mustard.

Subway: Pizza Sub

If you thought standard Subway was customizable enough, imagine your joy at discovering you can take it even further. The restaurant already provides so many toppings, but it’s always fun to discover brand new items you never knew even existed. Let us introduce you to the Subway Pizza Sub.

Photo Courtesy: Panegyrics of Granovetter/Flickr

A Pizza Sub is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s absolutely delicious. It combines mozzarella, tomato sauce, veggies and pepperoni. Just imagine this combo with Monterey Cheddar bread or the hearty Italian! Remove the pepperoni, and you get a vegetarian version of the glorious Pizza Sub.

Jack in the Box: Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

You can never go wrong with a ton of bacon, and Jack in the Box allows you to shamelessly order a bacon-stuffed burger off the secret menu. Seriously, if you’re a bacon lover, this beauty will make your heart sing and do backflips. You won’t be able to believe it’s real.

Photo Courtesy: Willis Lam/Flickr

Jack in the Box’s Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger is the standard cheeseburger, combined with bacon strips as well as bacon bits. Yep, you heard that right. You get two types of bacon on top of a regular cheeseburger.

Taco Bell: Cheesarito

In the mood for some Mexican food but tired of the same old Taco Bell items? This secret menu item is just one of many options you could order at Taco Bell. You had us at cheese, to be completely honest.

Photo Courtesy: samuelfernandezrivera/Pixabay

This beauty contains melted cheese, scallions and taco sauce, wrapped in a soft and delicious tortilla. It seems pretty simple, but, honestly, everything is better with a bit of melted cheese. Next time you’re at Taco Bell, ask them for a Cheesarito, just to take a break from cult favorites like Doritos Locos Tacos.

Dairy Queen: Frozen Hot Chocolate

Wait, what? How does frozen hot chocolate make sense? Shouldn’t it be either one or the other? Well, according to Dairy Queen, you can have the best of both worlds, and it’s just as good as you think it sounds.

Photo Courtesy: Meg H/Flickr

The drink is served cold, but it’s made with a hot chocolate mix, melted chocolate and ice. Being chilled makes it perfect to try during the summer, but you can also definitely enjoy it as a winter treat. (But don’t be fooled — it’s still more frozen than hot.) Regardless of how you drink it, it’s an absolutely perfect treat!

McDonald’s: Monster Mac

Circling back to McDonald’s, as we said before, it’s very easy to fall into the routine of ordering your same favorite McDonald’s items. If you’re tired of eating that good old Big Mac, swap it out with the Monster Mac.

Photo Courtesy: George Redgrave/Flickr

As the name suggests, this really is a monster of a sandwich, and it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. You can get not one, not two, but up to eight patties with all the regular Big Mac ingredients. It truly is a beast in food form and a perfect choice if you’re looking to take on your buddy in the ultimate McDonald’s food challenge.

KFC: Build a Bowl

The KFC Bowl is a true classic item that is a popular favorite, but not a lot of people know you can actually fully customize it, thanks to the secret menu. The restaurant allows you to put whatever you want on it as long as they have it a KFC, of course.

Photo Courtesy: denvit/Pixabay

A regular KFC Bowl comes with mashed potatoes, chicken, gravy and sweet corn. You can also add KFC French fries, cole slaw and basically any other food item off the menu. It’s a great option for anyone who is tired of the same old bowls. Time to get creative at KFC!

Shake Shack: Beer Float

We’re not yet done with Shake Shack’s secret menu. As you know, you can’t get a drink with liquor at Shake Shack — unless you know this menu secret. You can actually add beer to the non-alcoholic drinks, including shakes and floats.

Photo Courtesy: Lernestorod/Pixabay

This is perfect for adults who just need a bit of alcoholic refreshment but don’t want to take a break from their favorite fast food chain. Now that you know that Shake Shack also serves alcohol, we bet that your fast food ventures will be that much more interesting. Of course, make sure you don’t go over your limit on the floats.

Chick-fil-A: Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake

You had us at cheesecake, Chick-fil-A. If you need some extra sweetness and a pick-me-up in your life, this secret menu item is the way to go. Chick-fil-A has plenty of popular food items on the menu, but can they compare to the unique combinations of the items off the menu?

Photo Courtesy: Mike Mozart/Flickr

For example, blueberry cheesecake sounds absolutely delicious and is definitely very, very sweet. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, it’s best to order something else. But if you do, get ready, because this milkshake will definitely help you get all the boys to the yard!

Starbucks: Cinnamon & Banana Oatmeal

Let’s end this list with two healthy secret menu options you can get at Starbucks. You probably already know you can normally get two types of oatmeal at Starbucks, but did you also know you can customize it yourself?

Photo Courtesy: RitaE/Pixabay

What you have to do is order your oatmeal and then add to it. If you want to create the Cinnamon & Banana Oatmeal, you make it yourself by buying the banana separately at the register and sprinkling cinnamon on top of the oatmeal. You’ll get your fiber as well as your potassium dosage, and the cinnamon will curb your sugar cravings. It’s the perfect choice for fitness lovers!

Starbucks: Espresso-Banana Protein Smoothie

Need to top up your energy after a stressful day? Don’t worry, Starbucks has your back. When you’re feeling low after you’ve just finished a workout, there’s nothing better than heading to Starbucks. If this is your regular post-workout routine, turn it around by ordering something off the secret menu: the Espresso-Banana Protein Smoothie.

Photo Courtesy: nastogadka/Pixabay

The recipe for this one includes whey protein, banana, a shot of espresso, ice and water. It may seem fairly simple, but it’s one of the healthiest secret menu items we’ve shown you today.