What Are Some Popular Paul Harvey Stories?

Popular Paul Harvey stories include “So God Made a Farmer,” “If I Were the Devil” and “The Man and the Birds.” A collection of Harvey’s stories, “Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story,” came out in 1984.

“So God Made a Farmer” is about God making a farmer on the eighth day to take care of the world he created. In the story, God considers all the positive qualities necessary in this farmer, including strength, selflessness, a strong work ethic and generosity. This story regained popularity in 2013 when a Super Bowl commercial for Ram Trucks used parts of it as narration.

“If I Were the Devil” describes the actions the narrator, as the devil, would take to corrupt society. Harvey told the story many times over his career, making changes to it as necessary to use what was going on in the world at that time. The story concludes with the narrator stating that if he were the devil, he would simply continue doing what he is doing.

“The Man and the Birds” is about a non-religious man who stays home on Christmas Eve while his family goes to church. An encounter with a group of birds gives him an understanding of the story of Jesus. Harvey told this many times over the years during the holiday seasons.