What Are Some Popular Non-Carbonated Drinks?

Tea, iced tea, bottled water, vitamin water and lemonade are examples of popular non-carbonated drinks. Coffee, orange juice, apple juice, iced coffee and sports drinks are other examples of popular non-carbonated drinks.

Carbonated beverages, popular since the early 1920s, are still the most popular beverage option at restaurants and in stores. However, according to the BMC, carbonated drink sales have declined steadily for several years. Non-carbonated beverages, such as waters, iced teas and coffees, juices and lemonades are quickly catching up to carbonated beverages for the number one sales spot.

Specialists attribute this rise in non-carbonated beverages to the health food trend. The general public perceives non-carbonated beverages as healthier drinking options, even though they may not be healthier than carbonated ones.

Energy drinks are the most popular non-carbonated beverage. They make up the fastest-growing drink category, as their annual production value jumps exponentially each year.

Second to energy drinks, iced teas and coffees are also very popular non-carbonated drinks. Teas such as green teas and herbal teas have positive health connotations and are selling well in this health-conscious trend. Coffee has always been popular, but the advent of iced coffee and espressos has seen major hikes in coffee sales.