Which Popular Newspapers Are Considered to Be Liberal?

According to Business Insider, newspapers with liberal audiences include The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today. Online news sources with liberal audiences include Google News, CNN, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, and TV news sources with liberal audiences include the Colbert Report and MSNBC.

The Business Insider information about liberal audiences is based on a Pew Research Center study. An audience was reported as “more consistently liberal” if it was to the left of the “average” news reader. Some publications were barely to the left of that average reader, including USA Today and Google News. The report shows that USA Today’s audience, comprising 12 percent of the overall respondents, is mostly a mix of liberal and conservative political ideologies. Others, such as The New York Times, were much further to the left. The report claims 65 percent of The New York Times’ audience qualifies as left of center, much higher than the 38 percent of Web respondents, and that 61 percent of The Washington Post’s audience is left of center.

The Huffington Post is a site used more consistently by liberals even though its audience is more conservative. This is indicated by the Pew report showing Huffington Post having a more consistently liberal audience than other groups at 34 percent but reporting that 40 percent of its audience is comprised of conservative audiences and those in the middle of the conservative and liberal ideologies.