What Are the Most Popular New Year’s Eve Colors?

New Year’s Eve offers a variety of popular colors that are meant to represent fortune, luck and love, such as gold, green and red. In some countries, wearing a particular color is said to bring luck, love or fortune while other countries partake in certain foods to bring good luck in the new year.

Every culture has its own theme for bringing in the new year, but traditional colors only vary slightly from country to country.

In Brazil, the color of underwear worn on New Year’s Eve represents good fortunes to the wearer. These colors are included in the celebration as part of the decor as well as worn by individuals invited to the party.

  • Yellow or gold – yellow or gold represent prosperity and good fortune because the color represents money
  • White – for individuals looking for peace and tranquility, white is a popular color for the new year
  • Pink or red – pink or red represent love, so Brazilians that are looking for love often wear pink or red underwear on New Year’s Eve

In addition to the most popular colors, purples, greens, blues and silvers often adorn New Year’s Eve celebrations throughout the world. Adding blacks and pastels to elegant gold or silver themes is a popular decor idea for those people who do not want all the flashy and bright colors at their party.