What Are Some Popular Myths and Legends From Argentina?

Popular myths and legends from Argentina include creation myths of the Guarani people and stories like the legend of the cactus. Many such stories have existed for many years and continue to be a part of Argentine society.

Argentine myths and legends stem from the rich oral history of the various indigenous populations that inhabit the region. Many of the legends span multiple countries due to migratory patterns of the people groups in time.

The Guarani people of the south-central portion of South America live in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Their creation myths span these areas and include a number of figures who typically play prominent roles in the stories:

  • Tupa: sun god
  • Rupave: father of the people
  • Sypave: mother of the people

The Guarani people developed a number of other myths that remain prevalent throughout Argentina, such as the story of El Pombero, a trickster who steals eggs and whose primary goal is to protect the animals of the world. The legend of San La Muerte, the male counterpart to Mexico’s Santa De La Muerta, originated in indigenous Guarani communities.

Other Argentine legends include El Familiar, the demonic figure depicted as a decapitated dog, who collected human sacrifice in payment for good sugar crops. Luz Mala is a legend about an evil and poisonous light, which leads to treasure or demise for those who see it. The legend of Pascana relates the story of two ill-fated lovers who make a pact with the devil to avoid capture.