What Are the Most Popular Jobs in Mexico?

The most significant portion of Mexico’s labor force holds jobs in the service sector. Service sector jobs employed about 62 percent of Mexico’s workers, while 24 percent of Mexicans worked in industrial jobs and the remainder are agricultural workers.

Service jobs make up the largest sectors of employment in most developed countries. It is a broad category that encompasses government work, communications, finance and banking, arts and entertainment, education, transportation and essentially all economic activity that does not directly produce tangible goods.

Tourism is a large industry in Mexico, since the country hosts about 20 million foreign visitors every year and is the eighth most visited nation in the world. The banking system is also a prominent employer in the country, as Mexico’s well-capitalized banks merge and continue to do business with various foreign financial institutions. Although loaning for the agricultural sector has fallen dramatically, Mexican banks generate significant profits from insurance, leasing and mortgage services. The Mexican Stock Exchange, which is closely tied to economic activity in the United States, has also grown in recent years and employs a number of people in the service sector. Telecommunications companies are also prominent players in the labor market.