What Are the Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors?

Noel Barnhurst/StockFood Creative/Getty Images

The Food Channel has a list of the top 15 ice cream flavors, and the top three are vanilla, chocolate and butter pecan. This list also includes strawberry, chocolate chip, cookies and cream, French vanilla and cherry.

The Food Channel also lists results from the National Eating Trends Service’s Top Five ice cream flavor list. This list ranks vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, strawberry and chocolate chip mint as the most popular ice cream flavors.

Ice cream is a frozen dessert most commonly made from cow’s milk and cream. It is usually combined with fruits for flavor and sweetened with sucrose, cane syrup, cane sugar or beet sugar. Additional flavors, colorings and stabilizers are generally added. The ingredients are mixed to incorporate air spaces and cooled below water’s freezing temperature in order to prevent ice crystals from developing.

In the United States, the term “ice cream” applies to a specific type of frozen dessert. The use of this term is regulated, and products must have the required ingredients to be labeled as ice cream. Other frozen desserts that are similar to ice cream include gelato, frozen yogurt and frozen custard. Dairy free options are available for those with special dietary restrictions.