Is Popcorn Hard to Digest?

Karl Baron/CC-BY-2.0

According to the National Post’s Jennifer Sygo, a dietitian at Cleveland Clinic Canada, fresh air popped popcorn is not hard to digest, although the extra ingredients that are put on it may be. By itself, popcorn is a healthy grain snack low in calories and high in fiber.

Jennifer Sygo states that popcorn is easiest to digest when it is air popped from fresh kernels. The high fiber content of popcorn helps to control digestive system flare-ups and keeps the bowels moving at a good rate. Adding a dash of butter and salt is acceptable to add taste while keeping the snack nutritional.

Sygo warns that microwavable popcorn and movie theater popcorn not only pack on excess calories that are devoid of nutritional value, they also include ingredients that may be hard to digest.