What Is Polyester Microfiber?

Polyester microfiber is a type of manufactured textile that combines fine threads of polyester and polyamide to form a single thread. Each strand of microfiber is incredibly fine, and the material is very popular for use in manufacturing cleaning cloths and household linens.

Microfiber contains both polyester and polyamide polymers. Each polymer serves a particular purpose. Polyester, a lyophilic polymer, attracts oil and grease, while polyamide, a hydrophilic polymer, attracts water. When paired together, the polymers form a material that cleans even the most delicate surfaces and does so without streaking or scratching, making it a top choice for manufacturing dusting cloths and dish towels. While towels with thicker fibers often merely push dust or grime around, cleaning cloths with microfiber attract dirt and dust efficiently.