What Is Pluralist Approach?

Portra Images/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The pluralist approach is to assess a situation or circumstance while using multiple sciences or philosophies to find a solution or explanation. When studying or observing the behavior of people on an international level, the pluralist approach is often useful. Pluralists ultimately believe that diversity exists not just within society but throughout the entire universe. The pluralist approach to action and or understanding values multiple possibilities and outcomes.

When people use the pluralist approach, they bring together separate and distinct schools of thought to create a unique perspective. The pluralist approach is not just about how to look at society, politics or the behavior of people. Anything, from a restaurant, book club or performance art troop, uses the pluralist approach as long as its form is diverse. Wherever different types of people acknowledge their differences or a single people acknowledge the differences in themselves, the pluralist approach is present.

The pluralist approach is present in politics and sociology and often helps to explain how conflicts arise and resolve certain communities. The approach also helps to explain the distribution of power within societies on the macro and micro level. The pluralist approach is about seeing smaller multiple points of view within a larger context at one time.