What Is the Plot of “Amigo Brothers”?

“The Amigo Brothers,” by Piri Thomas, is a story for middle-school readers about two 17-year-old best friends who are both trying to qualify for the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament. The story centers on a neighborhood fight between the two that will decide who goes to the competition. The two face internal conflicts about the value of friendship as they prepare for the physical conflict.

Antonio has a precise boxing style, while Felix is a slugger. Though they have always trained together, in the days leading up to their bout the boys decide to separate, each focusing on his own strategy. They agree to treat each other like typical opponents in the ring, and they vow that, whatever happens, their friendship will remain intact.

On the evening before their match, both fighters are restless. Antonio seeks refuge on his tenement’s rooftop, preparing mentally. Felix takes in a boxing movie, “The Champion,” and sees himself as the victor.

On the appointed day, both fighters come out swinging. Each uses his boxing style to his advantage. During the rounds, both boys take some heavy blows and sustain damage. At one point, Antonio knocks Felix down, but he quickly recovers. At the end of the final round, the boys are fighting so intensely they do not hear the bell, and they must be separated. The crowd is uneasy, fearing further violence. However, as the referee is about to announce the winner, he discovers that the boxers have already left the ring together, their friendship restored.