How Do You Pledge Graduate Chapter of AKA?

Graduate membership for Alpha Kappa Alpha does not occur through pledging as does the undergraduate membership to Alpha Kappa Alpha. Alpha Kappa Alpha extends graduate membership by invitation only. Potential members receive an invitation to begin the membership intake process as long as they meet the sorority’s requirements. All Alpha Kappa Alpha graduate members must hold at least a baccalaureate degree with a minimum C+ average.

Public events are held at local chapters for potential members to become familiar with the sorority and the community services performed by the sorority members. A prospective sorority member may not perform community services on behalf of Alpha Kappa Alpha until she has received an invitation. If an invitation is received, there is no Rush program. Membership functions begin after invitations have been circulated to potential candidates. Members are chosen based on their education, community service and legacy status. Legacy candidates must meet additional requirements to be considered for a graduate membership with Alpha Kappa Alpha. Alpha Kappa Alpha was founded in 1908 at Howard University. The sorority is the oldest Greek-lettered sorority created by African-American women seeking to spread world peace and philanthropy. The sorority has approximately 260,000 undergraduate and graduate members in the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Korea and Africa.