How Do You Play “Word Factory”?

Word Factory is a word search game for two to eight players in which players have a limited time to find words in a random selection of letters. Words found by more than one player are disqualified when scoring the game. The player with the highest number of eligible words wins.

  1. Set up the game

    Give each player a piece of paper and a writing utensil, which is used to record the words found during the game. Arrange the letter cubes inside the plastic case, and when everyone is ready, shake the case so that the cubes are mixed and settle in a five-by-five grid. Turn over an hourglass, or start a timer set for 10 minutes.

  2. Search for words

    Each player independently searches for words in the grid. To use a word, its letters must be adjacent to each other in the grid. Each letter cube may only be used once per word. Only words written on the paper in the allotted time count for the player.

  3. Read each list of words

    When 10 minutes have passed, all players stop searching for words. One player reads the words listed on the player’s sheet. If any other players have that word, every player must mark that word off their lists. Players may challenge the spelling or valid arrangement of each word. Consult a dictionary to confirm spelling. Misspelled or invalid words are marked off the player’s list. The next player reads, and the process is repeated until every player has revealed the words found.

  4. Tally the score

    Player count up the total number of words not disqualified on their lists. The player with the highest total wins.