How Do You Play the Spit Card Game?

The card game Spit is played by two players using a regular card deck. To win the game, you must be the first player to get rid of all your cards. You do this by playing your cards on the spit piles according to the game’s sequencing rules.

  1. Set up the layout

    Spit requires each player to have a total of 26 cards. Each player then deals out five stock piles in a row. The first stock pile contains one card, the second contains two, the next three and so on. Turn the tops cards of these piles face up. Next, place the remaining cards in a separate pile and do not look at them; these cards are known as the spit cards.

  2. Play the game

    Both players shout “spit” and turn over their first spit card. You play simultaneously at any desired speed. The goal is to get all your cards into the spit pile. You may play any face up card in your stock pile, so long as it is next in sequence, up or down, to a face-up spit card. You may also move a stock card into an empty stock space.

  3. Win the game

    When there are no plays left for either player, they both shout “spit” again and flip their next spit card. If either player can still make a play, he must pick a spit pile and stick to it until he has no turns left. The first player with no cards left wins the game.