How to Play Solitaire With Real Cards?

Poker Photos/CC-BY 2.0

To play solitaire with cards, build the playing board by laying out seven different piles of cards along a horizontal row. Then, begin the foundation row and attempt to win the game by playing the cards on the board and the cards in your stockpile. This game takes about 15 to 30 minutes to play.

  1. Lay out the playing cards

    Flip the first card on a deck of 52 playing cards over. Lay it face-up on a flat surface. Lay six more cards face-down to the right of the first cards. Put the next card in the deck face-up over the second face-down card. Continue laying cards face-down until the end of the row. Repeat this process until each pile in the row has one card facing-up.

  2. Begin playing the game

    Move any Aces to the foundation row of the game. The foundation row of the game begins with an Ace and ends with a King of hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs. If no Aces are on the top of the cards along the row, begin play by moving any lower black cards onto higher red cards and vice versa. For example, a red two can be moved below a black three and a black 10 can be moved below a red Jack.

  3. Turn over the necessary face-down cards

    After playing a face-up card on any pile, turn the next card in the pile over to continue play.

  4. Fill spaces with Kings

    Fill an empty pile space with a king once all of the cards in that pile are played. For example, if all cards in the third pile of the row are played, take a King from another pile and place it over the empty pile space.

  5. Use the stockpile hand to resume play

    Flip every card in the stockpile, the cards that you did not use to begin play, over one at a time to continue playing the game. If you cannot play the card, place it into a waste pile which you can continue to flip over until you find a card to play.

  6. End the game by winning or forfeiting

    End the game by winning when all of the cards in the foundation row from each suit are complete from Ace to King. If you cannot complete the foundation row, end the game by forfeiting.