How Do You Play “Skip Bo Junior”?

Mike Johnson/CC-BY-2.0

Skip-Bo Junior’s main goal is to get rid of all of the cards in a player’s individual stockpile. Each player has a stockpile of cards, usually 10 unless a longer game is played, and three cards are placed face up in front of the active player. This becomes his or her hand for that round.

Players flip over the top card from their stockpile decks. Because the goal is to get rid of that pile first, a player should always try to play that card first. There are four building piles in the center of the game play. Each player can play on any of the building piles. These piles are started with a “1” card or a “?” card, which is a wild card and can be played as any number. Each card is then played in sequence until 10. If a player does not have a “1” or a “?” that can be played, the turn is passed to the next player.

After each turn, the dealer will deal another three cards to the hand piles. Only the top cards are allowed to be played. Once a card from one of the piles is played, the card underneath becomes active and can be used. The game continues until one player plays all of the cards in his or her stockpile.