How Do You Play Simpson’s Clue?

Enjoy a clever twist on the classic Clue with Simpson’s Clue where you get to inhabit several Simpson’s characters and find out who killed Mr. Burns. Along with new characters are new sets of possible murder weapons and locations. Otherwise, all the rules are identical to the classic Clue game. All you need is the game and up to six players.

  1. Set up the game

    Set up the game board, which includes setting out the die, suspect pieces, six miniature weapons, card envelope, detective notebook sheets and 21 cards. Put the suspect pieces on the corresponding starting spaces and a weapon in each room. Separate and shuffle the cards into room, weapon and suspect piles. Without looking, take a card from each pile and place it in the envelope. Combine all the card piles together, shuffle, and pass them out to all the players. Give each player a piece of detective notebook paper. Look at your cards and check the clue off the paper of possible suspects, rooms or weapons.

  2. Take a turn

    Roll the die, and move your player along the board. Each time you reach a room, make a suggestion, which means that you theorize what suspect with what weapon killed Mr. Burns. The player to your left tries to prove you wrong by showing you a card of the weapon, suspect or room that you guessed. If the player has no card to prove you wrong, this process repeats with all the other participants until you are proven wrong.

  3. Make an accusation

    You win by disposing of possible suspects, weapons and rooms through the process of elimination. Once you have eliminated all but one possibility, make an accusation and check the envelope with the three cards. If you’re correct you win. If you’re wrong, replace the cards and let the others play on.