How Do You Play Rummy-O?

Marco Raaphorst/CC-BY 2.0

To play Rummy-O, also known as Rummikub, shuffle the tiles, select the starter, hand out the tiles and make melds until one of the players goes out by eliminating all the tiles. Time varies for playing Rummy-O. The game requires two to four players and the game tiles.

  1. Shuffle the tiles

    Lay all the tiles face down on the table, and shuffle them around thoroughly.

  2. Select the starter

    Each player selects a tile from the shuffled mix. The players with the highest tile play first. The order of play rotates counterclockwise from the beginning player.

  3. Hand out the tiles

    Replace the beginner selection tiles, and shuffle the tiles again. Each player then selects 14 tiles. These tiles should be kept shielded from the other players.

  4. Make initial melds

    Before players may put tiles on the table, they must make melds that equal at least 50 points in one or more sets. One option for a meld is a run of three consecutive tiles in the same color, such as 10, 11 and 12 in blue. The other option is three of the same number in different colors. The number on the tile equals the amount of points it is worth. The meld must come from the tiles in the player’s hand.

  5. Try to eliminate tiles

    The object of the game is to eliminate all the tiles in a player’s hand first. This is achieved by making runs and sets or by adding to other players’ runs and sets. For instance, if a player has a set of three 10s, another player may place a fourth 10 down. If no play can be made during a turn, the player has to pick a tile.