How Do You Play PS3 ISO Files on a PS3?

To play ISO files on a PlayStation 3, download the PS3 Media Server, and then use it to launch the ISO file. The PS3 Media Server is a computer application that automatically boots and plays the ISO file on the connected PlayStation 3.

  1. Download the PS3 Media Server

    Search for the PS3 Media Server from the official PS3 Media Server website, and download the latest version. The Media Server is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. Choose the appropriate version, and wait for it to download.

  2. Install the PS3 Media Server

    Open the downloaded file, and follow the instructions for the specific operating system. Mac users have to drag and drop the installed file into “Applications” before running it. Follow any onscreen prompts during the installation.

  3. Launch the PS3 Media Server to run the ISO file

    Click on the installed PS3 Media Server to open it. Check the settings to ensure that the PS3 is the playback device for the server. Select the “Library” button, and choose to add a new file to the library. Scroll through the computer to locate the ISO file. Turn on the PlayStation 3, and scroll to the “Video” menu. Then, select the ISO file. From there, it is playable on the PS3. If it is not, ensure that the media server is still running.