How Do You Play Pokeno?

Logan Ingalls/CC-BY-2.0

Pokeno is a hybrid of the rules of poker and keno and is played with a standard 52-card deck. A dealer gradually uncovers and announces each card of the deck, with players attempting to complete a row of five cards.

Pokeno was manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company, which came out with a set of boards to be used by each player. Each board was arranged so that each vertical and horizontal line represented a different poker hand and each board had a completely different design. Because these boards were so unique, it is difficult to play the game without purchasing an original set.

Players are also given counters used to cover each card on the board as it is announced. Players can opt to play until someone completes a hand of five cards or for a certain number of turns with the best hand winning at the end. The official rules specify that the winning player then becomes the dealer for the next round.

Another game variant is to play similar to blackjack, where the dealers receive a board of their own that they keep concealed when competing against other players. The dealers turn cards over until they complete a hand, and a player must have a hand of a greater value at this point to win.