How Do You Play the Pass-Out Game?

The pass-out game is a deadly game that is played by a person crouching down to the ground with his head down, breathing deeply for about 30 seconds, then standing up very quickly. This “game” has been known to cause accidental death and serious injuries among those who participate. Do not play it.

While teens and children who participate in the pass-out game do so because they hope to experience a momentary high, the lack of oxygen can have major adverse effects, including brain damage and death. Though there are a few slightly different ways that the game is played, each method is designed to bring the same result – a high from asphyxiation.

In some instances, children and teens play the pass-out game by choking one another or by using a rope. This game is dangerous no matter how many people are involved, but the pass-out game becomes even more dangerous when performed alone because there is nobody around to help when something goes wrong.

Because ropes are often used to play the pass-out game, when something goes wrong, the deaths of children playing the game look like suicide. Parents are advised to talk to their children about the dangers of the pass-out game, which might also be known as Blackout, California Choke, Dream Game, Flatliner, Fainting Game, Suffocation Roulette, Airplaning or Space Cowboy. Do not play this game.