How Do You Play “Newmarket”?

In the card game Newmarket, stakes are placed in the kitty and on the boodle, and the goal is to win as much of them as you can. You need two decks of cards and three to eight participants to play.

  1. Set up the kitty and the boodle

    Players begin by agreeing to a starting stake for each of these. If children are playing, marbles or something similar can be used in place of money. Remove the ace of hearts, king of clubs, queen of diamonds and jack of spades from one of the decks, and place them in the center of the play area. The boodle stake is divided and placed on each card, while the kitty is held separately.

  2. Deal the second pack out to the players

    The pack that did not have cards removed gets dealt evenly to the players, with the dealer getting one fewer card than the others and a “dummy hand” set aside that also gets one less card.

  3. Play the hand

    The dealer chooses a suit, and the player with the deuce of that suit announces and plays it. This continues until the suit is completed. The player who played the last card in the suit then begins again with the lowest card in another suit. If any of the boodle cards are played, that player takes the corresponding stake. The first player to empty his hand takes the kitty. Unclaimed boodle stakes carry over to the next hand.