How to Play Minecraft in School for Free?

JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

The Java-based browser version of Minecraft is available to play on Firewalls and other traffic filtering software may prevent access to websites with content that the school finds objectionable or against its Internet use policy, and as such, the game may not accessible.

Minecraft Classic is the Java-based version of the PC and console game Minecraft playable in a web browser and developed by Mojang. Minecraft Classic varies from the retail version of Minecraft in a number of ways including lack of mod support, a less complete single-player experience and less robust multiplayer elements. Some specific gameplay elements and engine features found in the retail version are not available in Minecraft Classic include inventory, crafting and dynamic lighting. Classic also does not have the player ability to sneak.

This version of Minecraft is actually an early development version that was ported to the Lightweight Java Gaming Library. Up until the Minecraft Beta, Minecraft Classic was the only version of Minecraft to include the game mode called Creative that gives the player access to all of the available blocks at will in order to build structures and environments.

Minecraft Classic also has a few game-breaking bugs including a fluid dynamics glitch that allows the player to flood an entire map with water or lava using a single block of either substance.