How Do You Play Left Right Center?

The game Left Center Right is played with three six-sided dice and three chips or tokens for each player. It can be played with three to 12 players. Left Center Right is a game of chance in which a winner is declared when one player holds all the chips.

  1. Set up the game

    Give each player three tokens at the start of the game. Coins, pens, poker chips or crackers may all serve this purpose. Choose a player to go first.

  2. Take turns rolling the dice

    On each player’s turn, that player rolls the three dice. For each die that shows 4, the player must pass one token to the player on the left. For each die that shows 5, the player must place a token in the center of the table, which is now out of play. For each die that shows 6, the player must pass a token to the player on the right. Die results of 1, 2 and 3 are ignored. Play passes to the next player clockwise.

  3. Play until a victor emerges

    As play progresses clockwise, players lose tokens to their neighbors and to the center of the board. Players are not eliminated for not having tokens, as they may acquire a token on another player’s turn. When only a single player holds any tokens, that player is the winner.