How Do You Play the Hat Game?

davidd/CC-BY 2.0

The hat game is a simple game that requires imagination and acting skills from the participants. To play the game, all you need is a hat, a timer, some paper and a few pencils.

  1. Give each participant a pencil and paper

    Ask the players to write the names of several famous people on individual strips of paper. These people could include celebrities, politicians, athletes or other well-known personalities. They may even choose to write down the names of people who aren’t famous but are known to the participants in the game.

  2. Drop all the pieces of paper into the hat

    Fold up the pieces of paper a bit before dropping them into the hat.

  3. Divide the players into teams

    Make the teams as even as possible. If there’s an uneven amount of players, allow one team to have an extra player.

  4. Choose a name from the hat

    Ask a participant from one of the teams to draw a name from the hat. She now has 1 minute to describe the name of the person without actually using his name. Team members may guess as many times as they would like within the minute. If the name is guessed within 1 minute, the person who drew the name may draw another and continue to describe the next person until the minute has passed.

  5. Play until all names are gone

    Tally the number of names correctly guessed by each team. The team that guessed the most names correctly wins.