How Do You Play “Funky Town” on the Phone?

Fernando Camino / Contributor/Cover/Getty Images

To play the song “Funky Town” on your phone’s keypad, press the sequence of numbers: 55452 25875. Practice to get the timing right.

  1. Check your keypad

    Check if your keypad makes different tones when pressing each number. Each number should make a different tone. The tones for phone keypads are designed to be dual tones on multiple frequencies. Each number plays a tone on a lower frequency and an upper frequency when pressed. For example, when you press number one, the tone is a 697 Hertz signal with a 1209 Hertz signal. If your phone does not make these sounds, you cannot play music on the keypad.

  2. Press the correct number sequence

    Press the number sequence 55425 25875 to play the song “Funky Town” with your phone’s keypad. The dual tones of the phone keypad do not all line up exactly with musical notes, so not every song can be played on a phone keypad. Because the tones are not made to sound harmonic, the music does not sound exactly like the song.

  3. Practice playing the sequence

    Practice pressing the number sequence to get the timing of the song right. Practice changing the length of each note and the pauses between them to get the music to sound more like the original song “Funky Town.”