How Do You Play a DVD Movie on a Laptop?

Play a DVD on a laptop using the built-in disc drive or an external USB-enabled disc drive. The laptop must have a default media player such as Windows Media Player or VLC installed in order to play a DVD.

If your laptop has a built-in disc drive, locate this drive on the side of the laptop. Press the button on the front of the tray to open the drive. Place the DVD on the tray, and push the tray back into the drive. If you have an external disc drive, insert the USB plug into one of the ports on your laptop. Open the disc tray and insert the DVD. Close the tray.

In Windows, choose the Autoplay option in the pop-up box. Next, choose the default media player to view the DVD. If you do not see Autoplay, navigate to the My Computer folder and right-click the drive. Select Autoplay. In OS X, use DVD Player to watch the movie. Alternatively, download VLC or another third-party media player from the Internet.

After choosing a media player, the movie should start playing. Use the on-screen controls to play, stop, fast-forward and rewind the DVD. When the movie finishes, close the media player, and then press the button on the disc tray to eject the DVD from the drive.