How Do You Play Double Solitaire?

In two person solitaire, or double solitaire, each player controls his own tableau with the goal of arranging each suit of cards in numerical order in foundation piles. Each player plays the game the same as regular solitaire, also called Klondike, each working with a full deck of cards. Players can play in turn or against a clock — the first to finish the tableau wins.

  1. Arrange the cards.
  2. First, each player arranges the deck of cards in front of them. Arrange 28 cards in seven rows with an increasing number of cards, each with the top card facing upward. The first row has a single upturned card, the second row has one down-turned and one upturned card, continuing in this manner through the seventh row which has six down-turned cards and one upturned card. Place the remaining cards face down above the seven rows and leave space to make the four foundation piles.
  3. Take turns playing
  4. Check the card in the first row to determine who goes first when playing in turns. The player with the highest value card goes first. The second player takes a turn when the first opponent cannot make a play without turning a card from the face down pile.
  5. Game objective
  6. Move cards around the tableau to arrange the rows in descending order of value and in alternating colors. Only king cards can be moved to empty columns. Move any ace cards into one of four foundation piles for each card suit. The goal is to move all cards into the foundation piles in ascending order. Flip over cards from the face down pile when no play can be made on the board. A player loses a turn if the opponent notices failure to start a foundation pile.