How Do You Play the “Who Done It” Mystery Game?

To play the “Who Done It” game, each party guest should be assigned a character, and there should be at least one room for each guest in attendance. The game should be played in rounds with the guests asking one another questions each round to solve the mystery.

When playing the “Who Done It” murder mystery game, it is advisable to assign characters to guests along with the party invitations. This way the guests are prepared and not coerced into a party game with which they are uncomfortable. An envelope should be prepared beforehand containing the killer’s name, the murder weapon and the room in which the murder occurred.

The clue cards should be distributed to guests upon their arrival. Guests converse with one another in pairs and ask questions that lead them to the murderer by process of elimination. Each guest is given two clues per round. One clue is to be revealed when asked about, and the other is to remain a secret.

After all the clues have been distributed and all of the guests have had the opportunity to speak with one another, they must gather for the final round in which each guest guesses the murderer, weapon and room. The envelope is opened after all guests have made their guesses, and the guest with the correct guess wins the game.