How Do You Play the Card Game “Trump”?

Trump is played by dealing out all cards to the players. Players should each have the same amount of cards, so if there is an odd card left, put it into the draw pile to start play. Players begin by choosing a suit that will be their trump. Each player puts one of his trump cards in front of him face down and off to the side.

Before each round begins, each player must pass a certain amount of cards to the player next to him. For three or four players, three cards are passed to the player’s left neighbor. For five or more players, two cards are passed to the left. Before each subsequent round, cards are passed in alternate directions: first to the left, then to the right, then to the left across, then to the right across and then back to the left again. These alternations continue until the game ends.

Play begins to the left and follows clockwise. The first player chooses a card to play, and the other players must follow suit. Any player may use his declared trump card if he chooses. A player can also play a different suit, but he cannot win the round unless the differing suit is a trump card. A trump card wins the round. Otherwise, the highest card played within the original suit wins.

Each player gets one point for each round won. A player wins by earning 50 points.