How Do You Play the Card Game “Frustration”?

The object of the card game Frustration is to collect runs and sets while having the lowest number of points over a period of 10 rounds. The game is recommended for four or more players.

Frustration requires two decks of cards if there are four or five players and three decks if there are six or more players. Paper and something to write with or a smartphone is also needed to keep track of points.

Each round begins with 11 cards being dealt to each player. In each round, players attempt to get a different type of run made from any suit. Deuces are wild. The first round requires a run of seven. The second requires two sets of three. The third requires one set of three and a run of four. The fourth requires one set of four and a run of four. The fifth requires a run of eight. The sixth requires one set of five and a set of two. The seventh requires two sets of four. The eight requires a run of nine. The ninth requires a set of five and set of six. The tenth and final set requires a set of five and set of four. Players take turns drawing one card and discarding one card from the central stockpile until one completes the required run for the round and then sheds her remaining cards by either adding them to her own run or to the runs of opponents. The cards left in the hands of the other players are then assigned points: five points for threes to nines, 10 points for the 10 to the king, and 20 points for aces and deuces.